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Εcompany presentation

Its main fields of activity are:
- Heliothermic Systems
- Components & Tanks for Liquid Gas and Natural Gas Networks
- Heating - Air conditioning - Ventilation & Ventilation with Heat Recovery
- High Efficiency Gas Fuel Boilers
- Heat Pumps, Fan Coils, KKM
- Underfloor Heating & Cooling Systems
- Hybrid Energy Saving Systems
- Smart Home - Energy Management Systems in buildings
- Water Quality and Hygiene Systems - Cleaning and Maintenance Materials for Cooling-Heating Networks
- Misting and Automatic Humidification Systems
- And general high performance systems, components & consumables for Heating, Cooling & Hot Water of new energy saving technologies

The DEMERTZIS ENERGY SYSTEMS (DEMERTZIS P.C.) company has been certified with ISO 9001 since 2003 in all fields of its activities. Its human resources are 19 people. All departments operate with procedures and job descriptions and have ERP and CRM information systems.

The DEMERTZIS ENERGY SYSTEMS (DEMERTZIS P.C.) company carries out imports - agencies - wholesale trade in Greece and Cyprus, in the above fields of action.

In the Peloponnese region, it does retail trade, as well as installation and support services for the above, and has the only one
Special Energy Saving Technical Group (EOT-EXE)

The specialized team of engineers and technicians of the DEMERTZIS ENERGY SYSTEMS (DEMERTZIS P.C.) company undertakes:

  • Strategic planning
  • Implementation - completion
  • The optimization
  • Repairing damage
  • And regular maintenance

Electromechanical Installations of all kinds, through the continuous engagement with essential & innovative technologies of Conventional and Renewable Energy Sources (RES), ensuring them:

  • Absolute security,
  • Saving energy and resources (EEE),
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • And environmental protection at the same time

All the actions of EOT - EXE are characterized by quality and dedication to its commitments, to suppliers-customers-consumers and above all to the holistic know-how and experience it has in E/M projects, from the smallest to the largest, from the simplest to the more complicated.

The success of the services of EOT - EXE is based on the threefold: Quality - Competitive Cost - Adherence to the Schedule.

With the use of holistic engineering and long-term experience, the DEMERTZIS ENERGY SYSTEMS (DEMERTZIS P.C.) company deals with each case in the optimal way.

  • Based on EXE - Respect for the Environment.
  • The complete Elimination of Technical Problems.
  • Absolute Customer Satisfaction.