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17 Feb Saving - Autonomous: Smart Home implementation guide with 1500 €
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One of the most important additions-changes of the new program "Save-Autonomy" is the introduction of Smart Home systems in the eligible costs. Specifically, in the program guide, the category "5.D e..
17 Feb New Innovative Online Gas, LPG & CO / CO2 Detector |
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The Italian company Tecnocontrol, represented by DEMERTZIS ENERGY SYSTEMS ( DEMERTZIS P.C.) in Greece and Cyprus since 2004, announced the launch of the new online and highly innovative & smart gas, ..
17 Feb Smart Home - Technology that protects your home: Smart Devices that will relieve you of worries
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Technology is changing the world. Smartphones with stunning cameras, 8K TVs and standalone cars are just the beginning. It's time to change our homes too. What should a house be equipped with in orde..
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