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Yutaki M 8kW RASM-3VRE

Yutaki M 8kW RASM-3VRE
Yutaki M 8kW RASM-3VRE


An efficient solution of compact dimensions, in which a unit is installed externally, without taking up space inside the house and can be used alongside the existing heating solution.

Features Yutaki M 8kW RASM-3VRE:

  • Rated Power 4.30kW
  • Maximum Water Temperature 60⁰
  • Ambient Temperature: 7⁰ (DB)/ 6⁰ (WB)(Heating) 35⁰ (DB)(Cooling)
  • High efficiency of Heating COP 7.00 and Cooling EER 8.00
  • Electrical Supply (Φ/V/Hz) 1Φ/230V/50Hz
  • Low operating costs due to Inverter technology
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  • Model: YUTM8

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